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1st Semester of 2024 Academic Year Course Selection Schedule
Preliminary Selection (I)
:2024.08.23(09:00) ~ 2024.08.27(17:00)
Result Announcements
Preliminary Selection (II)
:2024.08.30(09:00) ~ 2024.09.03(17:00)
Result Announcements
Add/Drop Course (I)
:2024.09.12(09:00) ~ 2024.09.13(17:00)
Result Announcements
Add/Drop Course (II)
:2024.09.19(09:00) ~ 2024.09.20(17:00)
Result Announcements
Exceptional Circumstances
:2024.09.24(09:00) ~ 2024.09.30(17:00)
Credit Overload Application
:2024.08.23(09:00) ~ 2024.09.20(17:00)
Course Withdrawal
:2024.11.22(09:00) ~ 2024.11.29(17:00)
Confirmation Course Record
:2024.09.24(09:00) ~ 2024.10.08(17:00)