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Course Network for students from other schools (For Students who do not have the account and password for the 3 semester in the 2015 academic year)
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Validation Code 重新產生


※ The preinstalled value of passwords for course selection before (including) the 2002 academic year: 00 + the end 4 no. of the ID Cards.
   The preinstalled value of passwords for course selection after (including) the 2003 academic year: the end 6 no. of their ID Cards.
   Password has to be changed before course selection, to avoid falsification of information.
System announcement
Summer Courses of 2015 Academic Year Course Selection Schedule
Summer Courses2016.06.06(09:00)~2016.07.06(17:00)
Result Announcements2016.07.06(09:00)
Payment deadline of Credit Fees for Summer Courses2016.06.25(09:00)~2016.07.08(15:30)