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Course Network for students from other schools (For Students who do not have the account and password for the 1st semester in the 2015 academic year)
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※ The preinstalled value of passwords for course selection before (including) the 2002 academic year: 00 + the end 4 no. of the ID Cards.
   The preinstalled value of passwords for course selection after (including) the 2003 academic year: the end 6 no. of their ID Cards.
   Password has to be changed before course selection, to avoid falsification of information.
System announcement
1st Semester of 2015 Academic Year Course Selection Schedule
Pre-selection (I)2015.07.09(09:00)~2015.07.13(17:00)
Result Announcements2015.07.14(14:00)
Pre-selection (II)2015.07.16(09:00)~2015.07.20(17:00)
Result Announcements2015.07.21(14:00)
Preliminary Selection (I)2015.08.20(09:00)~2015.08.24(17:00)
Result Announcements2015.08.25(14:00)
Preliminary Selection (II)2015.08.27(09:00)~2015.08.31(17:00)
Result Announcements2015.09.01(14:00)
Add/Drop Course (I)2015.09.21(09:00)~2015.09.23(17:00)
Result Announcements2015.09.24(14:00)
Add/Drop Course (II)2015.09.29(09:00)~2015.09.30(17:00)
Result Announcements2015.10.01(14:00)
Exceptional Circumstances2015.10.02(09:00)~2015.10.08(17:00)
Credit Overload Application2015.07.09(09:00)~2015.09.30(17:00)
Course Withdrawal2015.12.07(09:00)~2015.12.11(17:00)
Confirmation Course Record2015.10.02(09:00)~2015.10.16(17:00)