Postgraduate Defense Online Application

  學  號    Student No:
  密  碼    Password:
  驗證碼  Validation Code:
一、 密碼同選課密碼。
  (一) 92學年度以後入學【密碼】:為六碼 ( 預設身分證末六碼 ) 。
  (二) 91學年度以前入學【密碼】已由系統改為[00+舊密碼]共六碼。
二、 限當學期參加學位考試學生申請。
三、 如未完成註冊手續 ( 學生證未加蓋註冊章 ) ,請攜帶【學生證】至註冊組 ( 行6007室 ) 辦理後再申請。
四、 請參閱「 ( 學生申請流程 )  ( 系所審核作業流程 ) 【本校研究生學位論文格式規範】」。
五、 申請截止期限:上學期 01 月 21 日;下學期 07 月 24 日,逾期無法進入申請。
A. Password is same as course selection.
  Password is 6 digits. [Overseas Chinese/International students: birth date (4 digits) + first 2 letter of your name (e.g. James Bond 1960/06/20, password : 0620JA)]
B. Only for students who apply for the oral defense in the current semester.
C. Please complete the procedures for registration first (to get the registration stamp on the student ID card). If not, please bring the student ID card to the Office of Academic Affairs.
D. Deadline for application:  Jan. 21st  for Fall semester;  Jul. 24th  for Spring semester.
E. Please apply according to the relevant rules and regulations.